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SPECIES: Ledum groenlandicum | Bog Labrador Tea
GENERAL DISTRIBUTION : Bog Labrador tea is distributed throughout Alaska, Canada, and Greenland. It occurs south through New England, the northern parts of the Lake States, northern Idaho, and western Washington and Oregon [6,8,20,22]. ECOSYSTEMS : FRES10 White - red - jack pine FRES11 Spruce - fir FRES18 Maple - beech - birch FRES19 Aspen - birch FRES20 Douglas-fir FRES23 Fir - spruce FRES24 Hemlock - Sitka spruce FRES25 Larch FRES26 Lodgepole pine FRES44 Alpine STATES : CT ID ME MA MI MN MT NH NJ NY OH OR PA VT WA WI AB BC MB NF NT NS ON PE PQ SK YT ADMINISTRATIVE UNITS : ACAD APIS DEWA GLBA ISRO LACL MORA NOCA OLYM PIRO SLBE VOYA WRST YUCH BLM PHYSIOGRAPHIC REGIONS : 1 Northern Pacific Border 2 Cascade Mountains 8 Northern Rocky Mountains KUCHLER PLANT ASSOCIATIONS : K001 Spruce - cedar - hemlock forest K002 Cedar - hemlock - Douglas-fir forest K004 Fir - hemlock forest K008 Lodgepole pine - subalpine forest K015 Western spruce - fir forest K093 Great Lakes spruce - fir forest K094 Conifer bog K095 Great Lakes pine forest K096 Northeastern spruce - fir forest K108 Northern hardwoods - spruce forest SAF COVER TYPES : 1 Jack pine 5 Balsam fir 12 Black spruce 13 Black spruce - tamarack 38 Tamarack 107 White spruce 201 White spruce 202 White spruce - paper birch 204 Black spruce 205 Mountain hemlock 206 Engelmann spruce - subalpine fir 218 Lodgepole pine 224 Western hemlock 225 Western hemlock - Sitka spruce 227 Western redcedar - western hemlock 228 Western redcedar 251 White spruce - aspen 253 Black spruce - white spruce 254 Black spruce - paper birch SRM (RANGELAND) COVER TYPES : NO-ENTRY HABITAT TYPES AND PLANT COMMUNITIES : Bog Labrador tea is dominant or codominant in a variety of habitats within its range. It may occur as an understory component in open or closed forest habitats, primarily with black or white spruce (Picea mariana, P. glauca). Bog Labrador tea can also dominate or codominate in dwarf shrub types, bogs, muskegs, or open tundra [2,45]. Associated overstory and understory species of bog Labrador tea include low sweet blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium), chokecherry (Prunus virginiana), serviceberry (Amelanchier alnifolia), bog birch (Betula glandulosa), bog blueberry (V. uliginosum), mountain cranberry (V. vitis-idaea), leatherleaf (Chamaedaphne calyculata), bog laurel (Kalmia polifolia), feathermoss (Pleurozium schreberi), lichens (Cladonia spp.), and sphagnum mosses (Sphagnum spp.) [1,13,17,23]. The following publications lists bog Labrador tea as a dominant or codominant species: Old-growth forests of the Canadian Rocky Mountain National Parks [1] Alpine and high subalpine plant communities of the North Cascade Range, Washington and British Columbia [12] Classification, description, and dynamics of plant communities after fire in the taiga of interior Alaska [17] Preliminary forest plant associations of the of the Stikine Area, Tongas National Forest [42] The Alaskan vegetation classification [45]

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Information Courtesy: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Fire Sciences Laboratory. Fire Effects Information System

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